Technical Parameters and Structural Features of Vertical Automatic Slitting Machine


Vertical automatic slitter for plastic film, non-woven fabrics, plastic bags, factory production of paper and other cutting equipment. The machine has the advantages of high cutting speed, thin film cutting, smooth running and simple operation. It is an ideal cutting equipment. It is an ideal equipment for cutting machine, electric power, light and gas, and it is well designed, refined and assembled.

1, suitable for cutting materials: BOPP, OPP, CPP, PET, PE, POF non-woven fabrics, paper, composite film, aluminum and so on.

2 Cutting material thickness: 0.012 ~ 0.15 mm

3, the maximum mechanical speed: 220 m / min

4, the maximum cutting speed: 200 m / min

5, unwinding diameter: Φ600mm

6, winding diameter: Φ450mm

7, income, put rolls Core diameter: 3 "

Vertical automatic cutting machine's structural features:

(1) convex key shaft inflatable shaft volume, replacement fast, accurate centering.

(2) magnetic brake release volume, automatic constant tension

(3) reel placed in the rolling bearing, to minimize mechanical resistance

(4) Portrait, use auto calibration mode

(5) to correct the photoelectric tracking system, horizontal can be manually adjusted

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