DH-J Lithium-ion Battery Polo Piece Slitter

DH-J Lithium-ion Battery Polo Piece Slitter

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Japan Mitsubishi servo bus drive system,SMC bus valve air guide design, PID

Tension control,low inertia、high percision、specision、special material guiding roller,meet the special requirement of material.

Two-sides brush roller dedusting,dust air collection strcture.

Leftover material synchronization reeling.

Infependent air-control rewind touch roller.

Technical Data:

Appliable Material:copper foil、6-25um;aluminum foil、9-25um

Material Width:750mm(MAX)

Design Speed:60m/min(MAX)

Slitting /mode:Modular knife bracket cutting

Unwindung Diameter:Ф800mm(MAX

Rewinding Diameter:Ф450mm(MAX